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Abandoned And Locked Out Of His Own Home, He Is Left With No Choice But To Go Door To Door Looking For Help.

A sweet Ragdoll finds himself locked out of his own home after his family moved away, leaving him behind!

A foster volunteer in Virginia, Debbie was called regarding a homeless cat her co-worker had been feeding and trying to care for.

A family living on the same street had sold their home and move on, leaving behind their sweet Ragdoll cat, leaving him no choice but to try and fend for himself.

Photo Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

He had begun to roam the streets, going door to door, trying to find food and shelter. Eventually, he had found his way to Debbies’ co-worker, who couldn’t bear seeing such a lovely cat trying to survive like this.

“He has been outside to fend for himself since the fall. Here in Virginia, the winters are very cold, so luckily, he found shelter in my coworker’s home.”

Photo Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

Her husband was allergic to cats, so she had turned her garage into a temporary shelter. The Ragdoll had his own space, where he was fed, loved, and cuddled on a daily basis.

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“He had a bed, heat lamp and water and food bowls. The cat followed her around like a puppy and he even liked to hang out with her pug dog.”

Photo Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

Though she loved her new friend, she wanted him to have more human contact, a place he could truly call his own where he was free to roam, so she got in touch with Debbie for help.

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