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After Losing Her Brother And Her Eye, She Fought Tooth And Claw For The Only Thing Left To Lose!

Extremely frail they were found and rescued from the streets at only four weeks old.

Maple and her brother Egg were in extremely bad shape, very emaciated it is thought they must have been separated from their Mom for quite some time.

After hearing about their situation, Amanda founder of Kitten Rescue Life stepped in to help the struggling siblings.

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Amanda took the kittens home and around the clock care and attention began. Both Maple and Egg bad severe upper respiratory infections which only go worse.

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Her legs wrapped up in crude casts, emaciated, she lies on the streets.

Skin and bone she was jumping into cars looking for food.

Night after night Amanda lost countless hours of sleep trying to keep brother and sister alive.

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Along with the upper respiratory infection Maple also got a severe eye infection, while Egg sadly lost his fight for survival.

Though her eye could not be saved, Maple continued her struggle.

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

The little warrior kitty was fighting tooth and claw, trying to hang on.

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