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He Is Surprised To See Her Attempt To Scamper Across A Busy Two-Laned Road To Where He Is Fishing!

Out fishing one day he was very surprised to say a very brave very small little kitten run right up to him, all the while meowing for help!

He’s surprised to see a little kitten attempting to scamper across a two-lane road to where he and his friend are fishing? She is quite demanding, even trying to climb onto his leg.

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There was no mother in sight, so it appeared the little fluff ball had either been abandoned or with the close proximity of the road, perhaps her Mom had met a sad end.

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Soon another ball of fur appeared, it looked like the pair were siblings, both had definitely been either abandoned or dumped.

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A brave little kitten pokes her head out from under a car.

She crawled up her pants and onto her shoulder, giving her the best kitten hug ever!

The pair began to explore the two fishermen’s camp.

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The grey one took a liking to Jason right off the bat and like a little duckling followed him where ever he went.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/radi0raheem

Soon she was snuggling in his lap. Perhaps making up for all the affection she had been missing with no Mom.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/radi0raheem

Jason decided to take her home, he also found a family eager to adopt her sibling.

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It was clear that theses two were too young to survive long on their own without their Mom.

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Grateful to have someone taking care of her there were few complaints when he gave her a bath to help get rid of fleas.

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After a visit to the vet, 24 hours later with no offers of adoption, Jason and fallen in love. His wife and he both decided to give her a permanent home.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/radi0raheem

Jason may not have caught to many fish that day, but he did come home with a kitten.

Photo Courtesy of imgur/radi0raheem

And he also saved a life.

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