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A Cute Ragdoll Is Returned To The Shelter To Be Put Down

Due to be put down, his family had taken him back to the shelter for the most ridiculous reason anyone could have!

Odin had been taken back to the shelter because he was too energetic, in other words, he was too playful. Way too much energy, clearly having a young cat enjoy life was too much for these people.

When he was returned shelter staff could see he had not been taken care of.

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One of his eyes had a severe infection that was too advanced to be saved.

He had clearly suffered much in his first year of life but Odin was not one to be slowed down by adversity.

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Thankfully a woman, Alaina, saw this kitty with one eye and instantly fell in love. Despite what his previous family had said about him, Odin fitted right in with his new family. Now he loves to sit by the window and watch the world outside.

He’s a sassy, big baby who is happy to be with a new family that loves him very much. It’s hard to believe that this lovable kitty was almost put to sleep for being too energetic and playful.

Now he’s with the best people that love him for who he is. Way to go Odin!

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One day she met a stray cat, it wouldn’t leave her alone and followed her everywhere. Soon she understood why!

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