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He Wasn’t Receiving Enough Attention, So He Takes His Frustration Out On The Cat!

In a fit of jealous rage, he does the unthinkable to her cat leaving him with serious injuries. If taking it out on the cat once was not enough, there is more!

An Australian man felt he was not receiving enough attention from his girlfriend so he threw the two-year-old ragdoll down a seven-story rubbish shoot.

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It turns out the 21-year old from Sidney abused Hibala, a more than one occasion while his girlfriend was away, leaving the poor feline in his care.

Hiabala suffered serious injuries from the seven-story tumble, his owner discovered him a the foot of the chute when she discovered he was missing, nowhere to be found.

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The 21-year old was ordered to pay a substantial fine and follow corrective orders – this included a three-month intensive course of corrections. He didn’t go to jail because he had entered an early guilty plea.

Credit: RSPCA

The cat’s wounds included extreme inflammation, exposed bone, and fractures in his tail. A substantial portion of his tail had to be removed just to keep him alive. He only came home after spending four days in a veterinary hospital.

Apparently, this is not the first time the unfortunate cat has suffered injuries at the hands of this man. His girlfriend had asked him for a photo of the cat, when she viewed it she noticed a lump on his nose. Right away she asked to take Hibala to the vet, but he refused.

After some time a friend of hers took Hibala to the vet for medical attention. More serious wounds were discovered on this visit, including injuries to his left paw, fractured bones, and more facial injuries. He needed surgery and spent six days in the hospital to recover.

Credit: RSPCA

The magistrate at Downing Centre Local Court told the man: “I have no idea what to say to a person who places a cat in a garbage chute.

“The early guilty plea is the only thing keeping [the defendant] out of jail.”

The man was given a fine of AUD $6,000 (£3,300 / US $4,200) and given a two-year community order with three months of intensive corrections.

He avoided jail time because he submitted an early guilty plea.

Credit: RSPCA

On top of that, the magistrates ruled that he can’t own, buy, or be placed in the care of any animal for 10 years.

New South Wales RSPCA chief inspector Scott Meyers said: “Hurting an animal out of pure jealousy, one that belongs to and is loved by your partner no less, and letting it suffer over a prolonged period of time is a shocking display of callousness.”

Hibala is now living with his owner in a different apartment, well out of the way of the man who abused him.

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No one else could hear it but she could, right away she knew it was a kitten and it was crying for help.

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