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Walking Through The Park He Hears A Squeak, Turning Around He Sees A Blue Eyed Bundle Of Fluff Heading Full-Paced Right Toward Him!

He was taking a stroll through the park one day when he heard a tiny squeak, turning around he sees a little kitten running toward him?

He kept walking and the bundle of fluff kept following him, relentless, she refused to let him out of her sight. And before he knew it Kawasaki Hina was carrying and extremely cute kitten in a box, back to his home.

“She fell asleep immediately back at my house,” Hina told Bored Panda. “She is like a family to me,” he added. “I think she also loves me. We’ll be together forever.” Now, the kitty, named Vell, is 2,5 years old. The two even do laundry together! It was love at first sight, for sure.

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This desperate kitten was relentless, she had chosen him and was not going to let him go!

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She was out walking her dogs when she is approached by a very dirty animal? As it gets closer she can see it is a tiny little kitten.

Then he saw it, sitting all alone in a car park in the middle of nowhere. A tiny little black bundle of floof.

She was clearly very determined about staying with him.

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Before he knew what he had done he had picked her up and placed her in a box.

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