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On Paper She Is Perfect. People Have The Strangest Reason For Not Adopting This Ragdoll.

She’s been chipped, shes been vaccinated, she’s absolutely gorgeous, so why won’t anyone adopt her?

People have the strangest reason for not adopting this Ragdoll. On paper, she is the perfect pet, ready to go to a loving home. So what is stopping this sweet-tempered cat going to her forever home when all the other cats around her are being adopted?

Personally I couldn’t see what it was when I first looked at Daisy’s face. But according to The Mini Kitty Commune, Australia, where Daisy currently resides, people can’t see past the markings on her face, which are said to resemble male genitalia.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/The Mini Kitty Commune

That’s right, people think she has a Penis on her face! The news of this unfortunate mark on her nose was picked up by local television, with the headline:

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“Someone Please Adopt Daisy, The Beautiful Rescue Cat With A Dick On Her Face.”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/The Mini Kitty Commune

The Kitty Commune wrote on their Facebook page that Daisy loves human company, and does not mind being around other cats after she has properly been introduced. Though they also said:

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