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Dumped Just Before She Is Due To Give Birth, Alone And Afraid, That Very Day She Goes Into Labor

Abandoned at the One Of A Kind Pet Rescue, clearly no longer wanted by her current owners she soon went into labor, but things didn’t go well.

Mary a sweet cat was dumped at One of A Kind Pet Rescue in Akron Ohio, heavily pregnant, she feels alone and afraid, no longer wanted by her family.

That very afternoon Mary went into labor and delivered a very healthy kitten weighing in at 144 grams, but then there were difficulties with the next kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/just_a_kit_from_akron

An emergency section had to be performed, soon producing another very healthy kitten weighing in at a respectable 155 grams.

When Angie Kinzel, a foster Mom working with One of A Kind Pet Rescue, heard about Mary’s situation the brand new family soon found themselves safe and sound at Angie’s home right after the kitten’s were born.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/just_a_kit_from_akron

While Mom recovered from the anesthetic the kittens were happily feeding away.

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For the very first time, she asks to come inside. Heavily pregnant it was the only place she felt safe in delivering her babies.

Heavily pregnant she is desperate. Going door to door, asking everyone, anyone to help her.

At first, Angie was a little concerned they were not gaining weight, however, over the next few days, they began to chunk out.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/just_a_kit_from_akron

As Angie began to gain Mary’s trust she found the new Mom to be a very affectionate cat as well as a very good Mom.

Tending to all her kitten’s needs. Under Angie’s and Mary’s loving care, at eight days old the kittens soon opened their eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/just_a_kit_from_akron

Angie gave the white and orange kitten the name Raymond, and the girl, white with tabby spots the name Gabby. She soon found Mary was quite the talker with her babies.

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