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Dumped In A Cardboard Box, Blind And Alone, She Has No One To Turn To Until She Walks By

Abandoned in a cardboard box she was found with mouth ulcers, a low-grade fever, and worst of all appeared to have lost her eyes!

Dumped in a cardboard box, blind and alone she is found by a kind heated woman who quickly gets in contact with an animal recuse organization.

She was taken to an emergency treatment clinic where she would need to remain for at least ten days receiving treatment for the infection that had ravaged her tiny body.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

After a thorough examination, there was at least some good news.

First, she had an appetite, and possibly the best news of all, that despite initial concerns she still had her eyes.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

That meant that maybe, just maybe, her sight could be saved.

Maya was put on a course of antibiotics to combat the infection, and slowly her eyes began to open.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

As her health improved she turned out to be quite talkative.

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Awakening to the sound of desperate meows coming from outside she finds an abandoned kitten blind and alone. Hearing the sound of her voice it walks right toward her.

Blind, at least these stary kittens had each while they tried to survive on the streets!

After a week or so at the clinic Maya’s new foster Mom picked her up and took her home.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

Once there she began to explore her new surroundings.

And her eyes continued to improve, so did her appetite.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

One thing was very clear, Maya was an expert eater!

Soon her the infection cleared up and beautiful green eyes emerged from a very cute face.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

Sadly despite the treatment, the news was not all good.

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