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Abandoned By Their Owner All They Had Was Each Other For Support!

Thinking they were receiving one kitten, this shelter was in for a bit of surprise!

A shelter in North Carolina received a cat carrier one day that held what they thought was a solitary kitten. While they were casting about looking for a potential foster parent they pulled out the towel left behind in the carrier only to find their solitary kitten was not solitary at all, making this somewhat of a mystery.

Hiding under the towel was another kitten. Sarah Kelly volunteering with Sparkle Cat Rescue, as foster Mom was not at all fazed by the extra find, stepping right up to the plate to help.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

“We don’t know anything about them except for they were brought in together and appear to be a few weeks apart in age,” said a representative from Kellys Foster Kittens.

Having just left a bookstore earlier that day they decided to name the two kittens Barnes, the younger kitten, and Noble the older one. Barnes happened to be about half the size of the older kitten. Still, they were clearly bonded and Barnes clung to his older much fluffier adopted brother for all he was worth.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

The interesting thing was, though Noble was older than Barnes, he was much more timid than his younger sibling.

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With extra toes and missing feet, she knew their future was far from certain.

Wounded and malnourished, on their own, neither of them would have survived!

Still, the pair were inseparable, supporting each other as they did after they were abandoned. Now adjusting to an indoor life.

The pair clearly felt safer together as they got used to having other cats and people around them.

“Noble is older, bigger, much fluffier, and a bit more timid than his smaller brother,” said Kellys Foster Kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

One thing quickly became clear, Barnes had deliberately been separated from his Mom to early.

Probably by someone who didn’t know any better.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Both he and Noble were perfectly clean, so in all likelihood, someone had just given up on trying to care for them.

Because of this Barnes fell sick and had to be taken to the vet. But with Noble by his side, he soon recovered, though he did have to spend a little time in quarantine.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

He also had a lot of catching up to do in the growing department too. Finally, he was eating well and putting on weight.

With Noble’s help, the little tabby boy was finally big enough for the next chapter in his life.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

As a bonded pair these two could not be separated. So steps needed to be taken to try and keep them together.

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