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Dumped In A Cardboard Box, Blind And Alone, She Has No One To Turn To Until She Walks By

Maya had lost her sight.

Her foster Mom was quick to point out that, “though Maya could not see you with her eyes she could see you with her heart.”

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

She quickly made new friends in her foster home and was always ready to play.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

The best news For Maya was yet to come, her foster home soon became her forever home.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stray Paws

A place where she feels safe, loved, and secure.

Watch Maya’s journey in the video below:

H/T YouTube/Stray Paws.

Clearly Unwell, He Sat Motionless With His Head Tilted To One Side, Barely Moving, As People Walked Past Turning A Blind Eye To His Suffering.

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