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Blind, All These Kittens Had Was Each Other To Guide Them, Trying To Survive On The Streets

Out one day she saw two stray kittens wandering the streets near her house. Right away she noticed something unique about them.

She noticed how much these two stray kittens relied on each other, they were inseparable.

She started feeding the hungry pair and soon noticed both were having problems with their eyes. She took them to the vets at the nearby animal clinic where they received some much-needed treatment.

The care and attention the tiny twins received helped with their eye problems, however, the financial burden was becoming too much for the kind-hearted woman. Needing help she reached out to animal shelters and rescue groups in the greater Sydney, Australia, for assistance.

None of the groups contacted wanted anything to do with the struggling twins. Getting desperate she finally heard from Inner City Strays who had heard about her situation and wanted to offer a place for the two kittens to receive the care they needed.

Diana Dammer from Inner City Strays said that there was no way they could resist trying to help the two brothers.

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Completely blind, all alone the tiny Calico climbed onto her chest.

Knowing that without their assistance, the two young felines might not recover. Both boys have deformed eyelids, where the eyelashes turn in towards the eyeball, rubbing against the pupil.

The situation both kittens were in what was considered quite a high-risk, so both cats had eye surgery.

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