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Running Across The Road She Crawled Up Her Pants Onto Her Shoulders, And Refused To Let Go!

All she did is meow once and then the tiny kitten ran across the intersection, crawled up her pants onto her shoulders where she gave her a kitten hug, refusing to let go.

Last Wednesday evening, Officer Jennifer Dotson from Gaffney Police Department was controlling the flow of traffic at what had been a tragic collision, when from some nearby bushes she heard a tiny meow?

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Dotson

The meowing continued, emanating from bushes near the guardrail across an 8-lane intersection. Jennifer shone her torch on where she thought it was coming from and saw two shiny eyes peering back at her.

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He ran to them for help, they soon found out that he was not alone!

Officers were called when a cat hiding in a tree seemed to be armed with a semi-automatic rifle!

She decided to try a meow to see how the kitten would respond and got a very unexpected reaction.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Dotson

The kitten ran across the intersection crawled up Officer Dotson’s pants and onto her shoulder. Once there she wrapped herself around Jennifer’s neck giving her a tight kitten hug and refused to let go.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Dotson

Needless to say, Jennifer was a little taken aback at this unexpected result but was happy to see the kitten was safe and sound. She looked around for other kittens just in case but found none. She took the now purring furry little bundle back to her cruiser thinking about what to do next?

To find out what happened next click page 2 below!

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