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Awakening To The Sound Of Desperate Meows She Finds An Abandoned Kitten Outside. Blind And Alone It Walks Right Toward Her.

Early one morning she woke to the sound of desperate meows coming from outside. Outside her home she finds a tiny tabby kitten, eyes sealed shut, abandoned, all on her own.

Jodie Michell woke up early one morning in Huddersfield, UK, to the sound of desperate meows coming from her garden. Going outside to investigate she finds a tiny tabby kitten meowing for help.

Her eyes were sealed shut due to a severe infection, but as soon as she heard Jodie she made a b-line right towards her as if she were seeking comfort. Once she felt Jodie’s touch, she calmed down right away and even began to purr.

Photo Courtesy of Jodie Michele

Jodie, a makeup artist, knew that the tiny lifeform needed help. So she took her to work that morning to warm her up.

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Coming home to his bed he finds 5 very wet abandoned kittens sleeping inside it!

They were left in a box and abandoned on the side of a lonely mountain road.

Around lunchtime, she took the kitten to the vet to give her a thorough check-up.

Photo Courtesy of Jodie Michele

The news was not good, she only weighed 340grams and had a severe case of cat flu. They told Jodie that the tiny tabby should be put to sleep, as it was they only gave her a 50/50 chance of survival.

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