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She Thought She Heard A Kitten Crying Somewhere Outside? It Seemed To Be Coming From Above, But Where?

She heard a kitten crying in a tree and could not turn her back on her, so skinny she was starving, she took her in.

Kitten Cat Post fan Judy has three cats. All three have been cats she has rescued herself, she explains what happened below.

“My daughter’s friend heard a kitten crying outside one day, I went out to take a look and saw a really skinny kitten in my dead tree. We managed to catch her and take her inside,” said Judy.

“She was so skinny so the first thing I did was give her a meal. Now she has all the food she wants and all the love she needs.”

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“It looked like someone had just dumped her,” said Judy. “I gave her the name Bella.”

“My other two cats are Miss Tomas and Oreo. Miss Tomas, I rescued when she was homeless about three months ago. I have had Oreo for over four years, he was born inside the wall of a friend’s house. “

“They heard him crying so we got him out and I gave him a home. They love to play, sometimes they wreck my room, they have toys, like a ladder, a plastic spider and a shark.”

Thank you, Judy, for rescuing your cats and all that you do for homeless cats. Welcome also to ‘The Kitten Cat Post Hall Of Fame.’

Scared and lonely, she found him outside, abandoned, he was crying for his Mom.

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