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Saved From The Street With Little More Than A Bowl Of Milk

Brenda, a Kittencatpost follower, and her Dad saved her kitty from the street by using a bowl of milk and some ham.

Little Kukie was too scared to be just picked up and taken home so they had to use a little bribery along with a just a little touch of patience.

“It was very late at night and my dad just got home from work and he told my mom that he found a kitten and needed some help rounding him up cuz he didn’t want to be grabbed, so my mother poured him some milk and they inched him thru the door.

Then my mother woke me up (this was when I still lived with my parents) and I could hear a tiny crying meow at the door and it was the kitten. He was very cold (extremely trembling) and very skinny like he hadn’t eaten in days.

We cut him up some ham and he gobbled it up and we gave him a warm blanket. The next day we took him to the vet and he did say that the kitten wouldn’t have lasted another day outside due to malnourishment. So we kept him and now he has a forever home with my husband and me.

We named him Kukie. There is a funny story about his name… we thought he was a she so it was cookie but when we took him (her) to the vet he told us she was a he)So we changed the spelling to be more masculine lol.”

Thank you Brenda for saving Kukie, I can see he is a very special cat.

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