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Carol’s Siberian Forest Cat Mieshka

This is my 13 week old Siberian kitten, Mieshka. He’s a sweetie!!!

Siberian Forest Cats are one of the older cat breeds – having lived within Russia over the last 1000 years or so. Throughout the centuries they have lived in monasteries, farms, general household companions and Russias extensive forests as wild cats.

Siberian Forest Cats play a huge role within Russian art as mythical magical beings that spring out of old folk stories and fairy tales.

Siberian Forest Cats are a fairly new introduction in the United States, having come into the country after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. However, they have been shown in cat shows in England right back to the 1700s.

Despite having been around for the past 1000 years, they were only registered as a breed by the American Cat Fanciers Association in 2009.

Bursting with personality, these cats are playful, inquisitive and highly intelligent. They also share some traits with dogs and humans, though just because they are a larger breed this does not mean they are clumsy.

These cats are highly agile, having been born to survive in Russias harsh climate. Also, they require surprising little grooming, though a good brush daily, while they are molting, will help.

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