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Found Skinny And Starving, Just Look At Him Now

Found starving on the street and too scared to let anyone close, little did this Siamese know, he was soon to find his forever home.

Brenda found the new addition to her family starving on the street one night and he melted her heart. It took a bit of bribery by way of food followed up with lots of love, but Kukie came inside.

How he came to be there she’s not sure, but she knew one thing for sure, she just could not leave him there. So the next day she took Kukie to the vet and was told he would not have survived another night due to how malnourished he was.

Here is what Brenda has to say: “I found my little baby on the street when he was just a tiny kitten too he was soooooo skinny like he hadn’t eaten in days! And we brought him in with some milk and a piece of ham cuz he wouldn’t let us near him. And now he has a forever home with my husband and me.” ❤❤❤

Thank you, Brenda, for rescuing this sweet boy, judging from this photo, he very happy and very content indeed.

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