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Sometimes What You Find On The Side Of The Road Can Be Life Changing

He was on I64 in WV. He was hugging the cement barrier on July 4th weekend last year, so I ran across a couple of lanes of traffic in a maxi dress and flip flops and brought him home!

His name is Detour because he was our “detour” on the way to Lowe’s. New home, new cat! I just moved back home to WV Mother’s Day 2015 and bought a fixer-upper house with my boyfriend. My Mom and I were on our way to Lowe’s on July 4th to pick up some things we needed. We go onto Interstate 64 and were on our way.

All of a sudden my Mom says, “Kristi, I think that was a cat!” I looked at her and optimistically said “NO! I’m sure it wasn’t.” But both of us are those kinds of people, if there was just a CHANCE that it was a kitty, we couldn’t leave it there.

So we made our way to the next exit, turned around, and then made our way back to where my Mom thought she saw the baby. It seemed like it took FOREVER! Sure enough, when we pulled off the road, there huddled against the retaining wall and across 2 lanes of July 4th traffic was a little black kitten just awaiting his fate.

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So I hiked up my maxi dress and made sure my flip flops were on tight, waited for a break in what seemed like constant holiday traffic, and darted across the interstate to try and get it. Thankfully folks had seen me and were slowing down because as I reached down to pick it up, it then darted UP the interstate and directly into oncoming traffic.

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