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Her Friends And Family Call Her The Crazy Cat Lady!

One of our Kitten Cat Post fans, Rena, has been feeding a colony of over 20 stray and feral cats!

Her family and friends call her the crazy cat lady, with a title like that I think she should be honored!

Rena has three house cats of her own and still finds the time to take care of and feed the local stray cats in her area. Thank you, Rena, for doing what you can for your local strays.

No wonder they run to greet you when they see you coming!

“I am feeding a bunch of feral cats….Must be almost 20…I love it when they run to me at their feeding time.”

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“I have grown so fond of them. Plus I have 3 house cats… My family and friends call me the crazy cat lady.”

“My son in law made me a big cat house. To keep them out of the weather. A place they feel at home. Just wanted to share…I follow all your cute cat posts.”

Once again Rena thank you for all that you do and for still finding the time to read all our posts too!

Welcome to the “Kitten Cat Post Hall Of Fame!”

His dog attacks a defenseless kitten. How can he just stand there and watch, I think he forgot Momma cat!

Please SHARE this post with all of your cat-loving friends and family. Let’s get the message out there if more people did what Rena does the world be a much better place!

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