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Scared And Lonely, She Found Him Outside. A Tiny Kitten Crying For His Mom

Crying for his Mom he had somehow been left behind. With no one else coming to claim him, before it was too late, she decided to take action.

She had seen a tiny kitten crying outside the home in Burlington, North Carolina for about two days. Meowing almost constantly, he was alone, probably looking for his Mom.

Somehow he had become separated from her. Before things got worse for the 4-week old, the Good Samaritan decided to take action. She got hold of Sparkle Cat Rescue, a local rescue organization.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Rescuers quickly arrived at the home and the tiny feline was taken to safety.

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“This poor baby was scared, lonely and exhausted after crying all morning,” Sparkle Cat Rescue said.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Just happy to be safe and sound, his cries for help became purrs of happiness. Rescuers gave him the name, Leo.

After a medical check-up, he quickly consumed a meal and was given all the love and attention he had been missing from his Mom. Then it was time for a long sleep in a comfortable bed.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

After a period in quarantine, Leo was ready to meet other kittens in foster care. He began to blossom with feline friends around, but he always went back to his humans for TLC.

The sweet kitty likes to follow his foster dad everywhere around the house until he’s picked up and cuddled.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

He alternates between giving his foster dad kisses on the chin and burrowing his face in the crook of his arm.

After a rough beginning, little Leo is almost ready for his next adventure in life. There’s so much love packed in this tiny body.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Leo, now seven weeks old, will soon be going to his forever home. He will have a big family, including two feline buddies who were also adopted from Sparkle Cat Rescue.

“I hope they are prepared for all the talking and loving he’s got to give! I’m pretty sure they are.”

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue
Watch a very cute video of Leo cuddling his foster dad below:

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You can follow Sparkle Cat Rescue her on Facebook and also here on Instagram.

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