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Having Lived Her Life In Fear She Clings to Her Sole Surviving Kitten, Afraid She Might Lose Him Too!

Living in fear she had been wandering the streets of Los Angeles for quite some time. When it came time to rescue her they found she was not alone!

She had been wandering the streets of a local Los Angeles for quite some time. Living in fear she was wary of humans and therefore highly elusive.

Cat man Chris Poole made up his mind he was going to rescue her, and after a lot of patience along with much effort, she was finally trapped. To his surprise, Chris found she was not alone. Not only did he rescue the tabby cat he also rescued her two kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Wrenn Recues

Chris made contact with Wrenn Rescues and Mom and her two babies were transported there with the help of Catastical Meows. Arrangements were made with foster Mom Jen Marder who was only too happy to provide them a home.

“She came from our friend @christhecatguy – glad we could give her a safe place to raise her babies,” said a representative from Wren Rescues.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/jenfosterskittens

Understandably nervous after being transported all over Los Angeles Mom was initially very frightened so Jen gave her space and time she needed to settle in.

“She still won’t let me too close and she is hiding the babies. All of that is fine and normal. I don’t need to push the issue…yet. I am going to try to let her get comfortable and decompress a bit,” said Jen. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/jenfosterskittens

Within the next few day’s Moma Rosa began to thaw a little, even to the point where she allowed Jen to pick up her kittens.

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Soon after giving birth she is separated from her kittens and sent to be euthanized.

Broken-hearted after losing her litter she hears his cries and comes running.

Jen didn’t push the issue too much as she wanted the cat Mom to feel relaxed and safe, hoping she would eventually, trust in Jen.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/jenfosterskittens

Soon Moma Rosa was a bit more settled allowing Jen to give her the odd cautious pet. The kittens were named King, the tabby, and Dream, the tiny grey.

Dream was half the size of her brother and her future looked a little touch and go. Though it soon became clear she was a fighter and slowly began to put on weight. Before Jen knew it both babies had opened their eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/jenfosterskittens

However, despite Jens’s hard work and best efforts, bad news was on the way!

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