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Soon After Giving Birth She Falls Gravely Ill And Is Sent To Be Euthanized!

After giving birth she falls gravely ill! Her kittens are rescued, she, however, is taken to be euthanized!

Only a few weeks ago the Allen county SPCA manages to rescue a litter of 2-week old kittens. They quickly find a foster home with Barb, a foster volunteer in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who has to give them around the clock care and attention, along with regular feeding.

The kitten’s Mom, Chi Chi was not rescued with them as she had fallen gravely ill soon after giving birth and the decision was made to put her down.

Photo Courtesy of Barb @kitten_faces

“She came from less than desirable living conditions. About a week after she delivered, she became gravely ill,” said Barb. “She supposedly suffered a blood clot that caused some paralysis, and the owner chose euthanasia.”

However the vet at Animal Care and Control decided to treat her in the hopes she could be returned to her kittens, soon she began to show signs of recovery!

Photo Courtesy of Barb @kitten_faces

While their Mom was being cared for the kittens were settling into life in their foster home. Barb made sure they were kept warm and bottle fed every two hours.

Happy and content they had their pure engines turned up to full volume as they crawled about on her lap before soon falling asleep.

Photo Courtesy of Barb @kitten_faces

Chi Chi was brought back from the brink of crossing the rainbow bridge, and after 5 days had made a full recovery. She was brought back to the SPCA to be reunited with her babies.

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“Chi Chi was making sure her babies were all clean. She didn’t seem to have a lot of milk, so I was supplementing and also had started her on something to increase milk production,” Barb said.

Photo Courtesy of Barb @kitten_faces

Happy to be back with her babies Chi Chi worked side by side with Barb to raise them. Barb did supplemental feedings and kept Mom fed, while Mom gave them regular baths and pottied them.

It was clear that the kittens had improved in leaps and bounds since being reunited with Mom, Chi Chi, however, had dried up and could no longer nurse them.

Photo Courtesy of Barb @kitten_faces

She was worn out, stressed, in pain and started taking more breaks from her kittens. “She was found to have no more milk. She was dehydrated and had the beginning of a kitty cold.”

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