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Woman Feeds Stray Cat in Her Yard Who Then Brings Her Kittens Over to Meet Her

While many people are struggling just to take care of themselves during the pandemic, there thankfully are still people who can’t turn away from a cat in need.

Shea Prior had seen a stray cat from time to time visiting her yard. The visits had started around a couple of months ago when Covid-19 had first hit the country.

During the next few weeks, Shea was pleased to find the cat was beginning to trust her enough to accept food.

Photo Courtesy of Shea Prior

As she got to know the pretty stray she soon realized she was pregnant and must have a litter kittens not too far away.

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She was found in a dirty backyard doing her best to keep her kittens alive.

Found just in time both her and kittens have a chance at a better life.

“I was petting her and went to pick her up and that’s when I realized she had milk in and had been nursing some babies,” said Prior. She was excited about her realization and wanted to help out with the kittens, so she figured she’d just ask the cat to show her family to her.

Photo Courtesy of Shea Prior

The more the adorable stray got to know Shea the more she realized Shea meant her no harm and trust began to grow.

“I started telling her to show me to her babies, and that I bet her babies were so pretty.” It seems that her words were the reassurance the mama cat needed as she led Prior to her babies the next day.

Photo Courtesy of Shea Prior

“She came running up to me and rubbed on my leg while making the little croaking noise she does,” Prior said.

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