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So Tiny And Fragile, She Took Her First Few Breaths In This World Completely Alone!

Tiny and fragile she took her first few breaths in the world all on her own!

Found when she was only one day old she was freezing cold and completely alone, her umbilical cord attached, still fighting for her chance at life.

Animal rescuer Chris brought her to an animal shelter where she was warmed and fed what was probably her very first meal.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenxlady

An animal shelter is not an ideal place to fill all the needs of a young kitten struggling to survive, so shelter staff tried to find her a foster home.

After finding out about the kitten, animal activist, rescuer, and foster Mom, Hannah Shaw, immediately raised her hand and rushed to pick her up.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kitten Lady

Fully aware that this young life has only one ability at this age, that is moving toward a source of heat, Hannah knew very special care would need to be taken so that she had the best chance of survival.

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Hannah pricked the tiny life up and brought her home, giving her the name Rosalita, in the process surprising her partner and new Foster dad Andrew.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kitten Lady

Rosalita was made comfortable and cozy for her first night and Hannah began around the clock care feeding her every couple of hours.

While helping Rosalita take her first drops of milk Hannah went on to explain one of the many frustrations of fostering orphaned kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenxlady

“Rosalita was brought to an animal shelter within hours of being born, with no mama and no other littermates. Neonatal orphans like her are the hardest to find care for, and they are commonly euthanized without a foster home, said Hannah.

“If you find a kitten outside, please do everything you can to find the mom–and to TNR the cats in the area.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenxlady

Because of all of Hannah’s loving care and dedication, Rosalita’s life was saved. Not only did she survive, but she also thrived.

Kept warm at night with a heat pad and having regular meals, Rosalita began to gain weight and soon opened her eyes.

It wasn’t long before she soon became the heart and soul of Hannah and Andrews’s home.

Meowing when spoken to and sleeping in very cute though sometimes unusual positions.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenxlady

Thanks to Hannah’s undying dedication Rosalita would go from being rescued at one-day-old and then grow into a healthy beautiful cat.

Watch the video of Rosalita’s rescue here below:

H/T and Lady.

You can visit the Kitten Lady’s website here.

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