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She Poked Her Head Out Of The Bushes, Mustered Up Her Kitten Courage And Walked Towards Him

When we buy a new home one of the attractions is all the amenities it comes with. For one man one extra bonus was to find it came with a stray kitten. One it turns out, full of kitten courage, but he had to find it first!

After he moved into his new house every night he would hear frightened meows coming from somewhere outside! But he could never find where they were coming from?

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Austin

Stephen Austin had two cats when he moved into his new house last week. A Detroit resident, he had been an animal lover his entire life, so when he heard tiny frightened meows coming from outside he knew had to try and find out where they were coming from?

It took days, but eventually, he and a friend of his were able to pinpoint the spot where they thought the cries for help were coming from. Out of the bushes in Stephens new front yard, a tiny tabby poked her head. Clearly frightened she mustered up all her kitten courage and walked right up to them.

She was all by herself, quivering in fear but wanting to be held all at the same time. Stephen picked her up as carefully as he could and put her up onto his shoulder for her first cuddle.

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Austin

With some gentle pats, she began to calm pretty quickly and even began to purr, she seemed to know that now she was going to be safe.

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“She approached us when we walked up to her but she was pretty stressed and scared,” Stephen told Love Meow.

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Austin

They then checked the neighborhood to see if someone had lost her.

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