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If You’re Happy And You Know It Sing Meow!

What better way to pass your time on the way to your cabin that having a sing-along in the cat. It’s even better when your cat joins in!

A Norwegian couple are on a road trip to their cabin when they start having a sing-along just to pass the time. They launch into an oldie but a goodie I remember from school, “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”

It was right up there with “When She’s Coming Round The Mountian.”

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Little did they know that it was a favorite of their cat Oscar because he joins in as well!

You can watch this cute singing kitty right here below:

Is this a rehearsed moment or is it totally improvised? I guess we’ll never know but it makes great viewing and leaves me with the hope that maybe one of my kitties will join in next time we have a family sing-song.

“Two Norwegians and a cat singing on their way to the cabin. We sang to pass time, and suddenly our cat Oscar wanted to join in, which made us laugh!”

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Normally a new Mom would never trust a baby sitter quite this much!

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