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Normally A New Mom Would Never Trust A New Baby Sitter Quite This Much?

Soon after Terra the stray cat arrived at her foster home and she settled in, she noticeably started gaining weight.

No one suspected she was pregnant.

Until two weeks later when they heard tiny meows coming from the cat room! Terra’s Foster Mom quickly jumped on to WikiHow searching on what to do when your cat gives birth?! All in all seven cute little bundles of fur were born, and Terra looked very much the proud Mom.

Then something strange happened? The house dog decided he wanted to become more involved in the upbringing of these young kittens. A canine Dad, if you will. And Terra does not mind at all, she ups and leaves whenever she wants, leaving him in sole charge as a baby sitter.

It looks very much as though he thinks he’s the dad and she does too?! He cleans, and gets very protective, even growling at the Bassett Hound if he gets too close.

Sometimes he even tries to kidnap the kittens, trying to take them to a more secure location. What a protective dog dad.

One time their Foster Mom was watching TV only to look down and find two kittens he had brought in and just deposited on the bed!

One thing he is is a very attentive Dad. Here he is giving his kittens more baths.

Terra is a very content mama cat and happy to have both a human and a canine help her babysit her 7 very playful kittens.

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