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After He Had Mated With Five Females In One Night, This Exhausted Male Cat Needed A Glucose Drip

After he was left out of his cage by pet hotel staff, a pedigree Russian Blue mated with at least 5 female cats! Exhausted he needed to go on a glucose drip.

A Russian Blue cat was loaned to a pet hotel in Guandong Province, China. His owners Mr. and Mrs. Zhao said they had told staff at the business that his male cat, named Xiaopi, had not been neutered expecting them to be professional about it.

Only to find out later that their beloved cat had been allowed to roam freely at night and left unfed during the day!

 Photo Courtesy of AsiaWire

Not only Xiaopi, but all the cats were allowed to roam wherever they liked within business premises after staff had locked up and gone home. Mr. Zhao said he saw his cat mate with at least 5 females via CCTV footage, and those were the only ones he could see. There could have been more off-camera!

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To add insult to injury staff at the pet hotel tried to blame him for the entire incident. Complaining the owners of the other cats had no plans for their pets to have kittens.

He said: “They had the nerve to be upset with me. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners. “My f***ing cat is exhausted and on a glucose drip, and this is my fault?”

He later revealed that the pet hotel eventually apologized, even offering to pay for his cat’s fluid therapy.

He added: “They’re going to compensate each pregnant cat’s owner 500 Renminbi (NZ$110), and have promised to sell any kittens on their behalf.

“The other owners have also told me they’ll either give me a kitten or 1000 Renminbi ($220) if their cats turn out to be pregnant.”

A pedigree Russian Blue can be worth anything between $680 to well over $2000. Zhao said Xiaopi has since regained his strength and is in a stable condition.

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