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How She Got There No One Knows, However, Despite The Pain She Was In, She Raised Her Kittens Well

No one knows how she got there, nor how she lost her leg? But despite the pain, she must have been in, she raised her kittens well.

For some reason, she moved into a very old, some would say ancient, mountain castle in Korea. How she got there is anyone’s guess, why she went there, who knows, but there she was?

As the tourists walk on by she stays rooted to the same spot, not moving, not even an inch.

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They rescued four orphan stray kittens, but then Mom came back!

There was nowhere to hide. She followed her everywhere, determined to turn hisses into purrs.

Not acting at all like, or for that matter appearing at like your regular stray cat.

Once the tourists have moved on she meows, and it is then they see she is missing a front leg, then one after the other, four very healthy kittens emerge from under the ruins.

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