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A 79-Year-Old Cat Lover Will Go To Jail For Doing The Right Thing!

There is an age-old saying that goes, “sometimes the law is an ass.” That is how a 79-year-old woman must be feeling as she faces jail time for simply taking care of stray cats!

Nacy Segula once had a neighbor, a neighbor who had a couple of cats. The neighbor eventually moved away, but he left behind his cats. Abandoning them to a future as stray cats, house cats now trying to fend for themselves.

Nancy saw a wrong and did the best she could to make it right by feeding the poor animals.

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Unfortunately, in her area of Garfield Heights, Ohio, feeding stray animals is against the law.

Nancy knows this but kept up with her good deeds anyway. How could she turn a blind eye when cats were showing up at her house looking for food? So she fed them, and from there, things only got worse.

She got her first citation in 2017, since then she has received four overall. The last one being the hardest to take.

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