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So Badly Malnourished, Without Their Moms Support They Were On The Brink, She Has Clearly Been Missing For Days!

Found in rough shape a litter of four kittens were so badly malnourished they would need all the help they get to be brought back from the brink.

Earlier this month Wrenn Rescues, a rescue group located in Southern California, was contacted regarding a litter of four kittens thought to have been on their own for a few days at the very least.

In very rough shape they were just skin and bone, covered in fleas and their own feces. However, they were still full of energy.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Ashley Kelley, an experienced foster mom with the rescue, immediately stepped up and arranged to take the kittens. Within a few hours, they had arrived in their new home.

Malnourished and very unkempt, mom had not been around these babies for quite a while. “Mama must have died because these babies have been on their own for at least a couple of days,” said Ashley.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Despite their poor condition and the odds stacked against them in their bad start to life, they still showed an incredible will to live. Wirt, the smallest one, was little more than a walking skeleton.

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Abandoned and alone, they find the support they need to survive in each other.

What they needed was a mother’s love to help turn their lives around.

After getting deflead and cleaned up, they spent their first night in a warm bed, in complete safety, with full bellies.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Wirt, as mentioned, is very much the runt. The other kittens are Gregory (orange and white), the biggest of the litter. Then there is Lorna, the (cream-colored) ginger girl, Who spent the first few days catching up on a lot of lost sleep.

Auntie Whispers, the most unique of the siblings, with stunning facial markings, would grow to be an equally stunning cat.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Along with two baths a day for the first few days the kittens were treated for eye infections and stomach issues, while Ashley made sure they were fed around the clock.

Soon all the kittens were beginning to thrive, all except Wirt, who was struggling with diarrhea and not gaining weight.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

“He is still suffering despite all our efforts. He’s also struggling to gain weight,” said Ashley.

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