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Not Knowing What Else To Do, They Took Her Home Hoping Against Hope They Could Save Her!

When they found her she was barely clinging onto life, they knew they couldn’t just leave her there like that!

One August day we found the tiniest kitten, barely clinging to life. So sick she was barely breathing, her eyes sealed shut she could no longer see. Her stomach so bloated, because she was full of worms.

Fleas seemingly covered every square inch of her body. To be honest, we didn’t know what to think, all we knew was we couldn’t just leave her there to die like that.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gatsbyandminerva

We wrapped her in a towel and brought her home in a plant pot we found nearby.

We weren’t sure if we could save her life, what we were sure of was that no matter how long she lived she would know someone loved and cared for her.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gatsbyandminerva

That first night was a long one. We stayed up all night feeding her kitten formula along with tuna juice from a dropper, trying to get some nutrients inside her tiny body to give her some sort of strength to combat the attack she was under.

By 7.00 am she was still with us so we hopped into the car and took her to the closest vet.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gatsbyandminerva

Because she was tiny, weighing only 8oz, only a limited amount of antibiotics could be prescribed to help combat the infection. So along with a course of antibiotics, she received steam treatment 3-5 times a day to help her breathe.

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After being awakened to the sound of desperate meows, she goes outside to find a stray kitten. Blind and alone, when it hears her voice it walks right toward her.

His paws deformed and eyes sealed shut, a stray kitten crawls into her yard looking for help!

The next couple of days were very much touch and go. It got to the point where we were quite scared of checking inside her box, preparing for the worst each and every time.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gatsbyandminerva

She was given a flea bath to evict the unwanted tenants covering her body and we each took turns in the steamy bathroom, made worse by high summer temperatures.

However, nothing seemed to work, we could see no improvement in her condition!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/gatsbyandminerva

However, one day, quite out of the blue that all changed. We could only describe it as a miracle.

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