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Found On Their Own Clinging To Each Other For Support, What They Needed Was A Mothers Love To Help Turn Their Lives Around!

After Losing Their Own Mom, What These Two Orphaned Kittens Needed To Feel The Most, Was A Mothers Love!

Found all alone, clinging onto each other for support, two tiny tabby kittens are rescued and brought to Manhattan Animal Care Centers in the hopes of turning their lives around.

What was quickly apparent was that this pair needed a foster home where they could receive around the clock care. So Asa a volunteer with MACC put up her hand and brought the three-week-old kittens home with her.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/shibuyarollcall

“Say hello to my newest fosters, 3 wks old Milli and Gilligan. I picked these tiny nuggets up yesterday and I’m obseeeessed,” said Asa.

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Crying continuously they were clearly abandoned, frightened, and very very hungry!

Three frightened orphans in need of a mother’s love find they are no longer alone!

Being kittens it didn’t take Gilligan and Milli long to start exploring their new home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/shibuyarollcall

Knowing the pair would benefit from having lots of attention she happened to know someone else would love to meet them.

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