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Left Behind When Mom Left, Lying In The Coal, He Was Too Scared To Come Out!

He was born 11- years ago to a stray Mom, she left and her coal covered kitten became an internet star!

You need to visit the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum, Nevada, not only will you see awesome relics from our nation’s past, you’ll meet an internet star who goes by the name Dirt, well dirty on the outside.

His Mom wandered into the yard about 11 years ago and gave birth under a 1907 rotary snowplow. One day she left with her kittens in tow, well almost all her kittens. For some reason one got left behind, too scared to come out the train crews left a can of tuna out for him every night. Their kind gestures eventually worked because he eventually warmed up to the hard-working men.

“Eventually, the kitten came out to friendly up the crews,” Eric Mencis, the manager of guest services and social media director of the railroad said.

Dirt was named Dirt for a very good reason. You see, Dirt loves to roll around on the dirt floors of the engine house. He also likes to climb all over the coal pines on the steam locomotives. Dirt is quite literally always covered in dirt!

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She was out walking her dogs when a very small very dirty animal approaches.

Covered in filth, in terrible shape, she finds a tiny kitten waiting at the bottom of the stairs!

Although he does need regular baths, visitors are always fascinated by his very distinct markings.

“As tours walk through the building people are just amazed about hearing the history and the stories of the railroad.

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