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Crying Continuously, They Were Clearly Abandoned, Frightened And Very Hungry

While out for a walk he comes across to abandoned kittens, crying continuously they were clearly very hungry and very frightened. It was what happened next though that really surprised him?

While out taking a walk one day a man in South Africa comes across two starving kittens. On their own, with no Mom or siblings around, they were clearly abandoned, he tries to reassure them by showing some kindness.

Their poor condition clearly obvious, he heads off to go get them some food.

The meal was wolfed down in short order and the kittens were much happier with something in their bellies.

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Starving and alone she wandered the streets going up to anyone and everyone looking for help!

Limping badly, he was starving! After seeing he hobbles up to them asking for help!

Then a stray dog appears in the street.

It was what the kittens did next though that was the biggest surprise.

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