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Filthy, They Were Skin And Bone, All Huddled Together For Support. Mom Had Been Gone For Quite Some Time!

Malia lives in New York City and happened to be watching her son playing baseball at Co-Op Field in the Bronx area when she noticed a crowd of people milling about in one part of the field!

After going over to take a look at what all the commotion in the field was about she found them looking at a litter of tiny kittens all huddled together without their Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/iamchimera407

It seemed they had been abandoned. Judging from their appearance Mom had not been back for quite a while. Malia contacted a local animal rescuer Sunny for assistance.

Quickly on the scene, Sunny found a litter of 2-week old kittens in need of immediate help, he quickly took them into foster care

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/iamchimera407

Sunny provided around the clock care to his tiny charges and within two days there was a huge change from the frail kittens they had been when they first arrived.

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Fading away his sister was already unconscious. She knew with his mother’s attention he would be to.

Lying in a field covered and dirt and leaves she is barely responsive and unable to cry for help.

This change was most notable in one kitten in particular. Not only did she stand out with her personality she stood out in her appearance too.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/iamchimera407

The little tortoiseshell Chimera kitten had taken on a big fan in the form of Sunny’s son CJ and the feeling it has to be said was completely mutual. Though she was a little iffy, to begin with.

“That’s my human, he adores me so much!!!! I was still undecided on him,” said Chimeara via Sunny.  

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/iamchimera407

Soon despite the fact, Sunny was feeding the litter, the only place Chimera felt comfortable was in CJ”s arms.

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