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So Badly Malnourished, Without Their Moms Support They Were On The Brink, She Has Clearly Been Missing For Days!

They made such a sweet pair.

Wirt, however, was about to get some extra special support to help him get through this difficult patch from his brother, Greg.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

“Greg and Wirt are such a sweet pair. I haven’t had many kittens pair off like this, this early! These two are always together, and it’s the sweetest thing,” Ashley added.

With Greg’s support, Wirt soon turned the corner and was making progress in leaps and bounds, just like his siblings.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

It was quickly becoming clear that though Lorna might have the grumpiest tired face, and Auntie Whispers might be the fattest, Auntie Whispers was also developing quite a bit of sass.

As the fattest kitten, the more she grew, the more her personality shone through. Pulling no punches in letting everyone know exactly felt whatever the situation.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

“Not a care in the world. She eats, meows a bit to let me know she still doesn’t like me, and then goes back to napping,” said Ashley.

Under Ashley’s care, the little kitten who couldn’t feed on her own had really plumped out. Without tube feeding, she wouldn’t be this healthy chonky little butterball.”

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Wirt meanwhile had gone from strength to strength, putting on weight at a rapid rate he was still smaller than his siblings but doing his level best to catch up.

“This little guy has me wrapped around his tiny toe beans!”

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

“The face of a tiny man who FINALLY is taking the bottle!! I’ve spent an entire week tube feeding this crew so they could build up the strength to even have the luxury of time/body fat stored up to figure out the bottle.”

Getting stronger every day these little fighters are on the verge of racing off on new adventures the moment their legs are strong enough to take them.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Watch their journey right here in the viedo below:

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