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A Young Cat, Just Skin And Bone, She Goes Into Labor.

Brought into the shelter just skin and bone, pregnant, too young a cat, she goes into labor. They do their best to help but soon there are complications.

When the found her she was just skin and bone and too young to be pregnant. She was brought to the Humane Society Alliance in Washington D.C, a young cat, she was only eight months old.

When she went into labor they did their very best to help her, and emergency c-section needed to be performed, only one baby survived.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

She was given the name Shauna and her baby boy the name Shane, a little fighter right from the start, he came into the world meowing and has hardly stopped since.

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Foster volunteer Susie H, gave Shauna a roof over her head, somewhere quiet to raise her small family, somewhere to recover from all she had been through.

Susie H @dcfostermomsusie

She is doing her best to look after her kitten, but she is not producing enough milk for him.

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