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She Saw Them Bury Her First Litter, So When She Was Pregnant Again She Came Back!

A stray Calico had seen the officers at Pusan, South Korea bury her first litter of kittens. So when she fell pregnant again she returned.

She must have felt some sort of connection with these police officers, as she had seen them bury her previous litter of kittens after they had been hit by a car! Perhaps knowing she would receive help, she returned to the station when she was pregnant with her next litter.

Like this pregnant street cat she needed help, luckily for her, it was the very same officers on duty. As they didn’t know how old she was or where she was from, and they enjoyed her company so much, they gave her the name “Molang.” An appropriate name which simply means don’t know.

When the time came to for her to give birth the officers made a decision that would change Molangs life.

To find out what the officers did for Molang click next below!

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