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He Gave A Homeless Kitten A Home And Has Been Given A Special Reward Ever Since

One day he gave her a home. Ever since that time every single morning he has had a very special reward.

He had gone four long years without a cat in his life when Keith Reszoly felt ready to welcome another one into his home. One day his life well and truly changed when he met the biggest feline cuddler ever.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Reszoly

Keiths Mom is a vet, around July last year she found out about a litter of kittens who had been rescued. They were all in need of homes, Keiths Mom though Keith would be the perfect option for at least one of them.

Keith fell in love when he met a beautiful Tortishell called Gladys. Home she went with Keith. Ever since he met Gladys one thing has remained the same, Gladys’s love of cuddling. She will go up to strangers friendly as can be, climb up their legs and expect cuddles.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Reszoly

The kitty quickly settled in and started following Keith everywhere around the house. They renamed her Gracie and that night, she curled up in Keith’s arms and fell sound asleep.

“She enjoyed being held like a baby in my arms. The first few nights, she only slept on her back between my arm and chest. It has never stopped since the day Gracie arrived,” Keith added.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Reszoly

Any time is a good time for cuddling for this outgoing tortoiseshell, however, she does have a preferred time over all others. That time being first thing in the morning when Keith wakes up. She quickly learned that when his alarm goes off that that is the perfect time to leap onto his bed for a cuddle session.

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Her favorite spot for this activity is right on his chest. She will stay there for about an hour at least if Keith remains still.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Reszoly

Keith happily obliges whenever Gracie demands cuddles. To make sure he has enough time for his best friend every morning, he has adjusted his schedule to accommodate her needs.

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