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Going Up The Stairs He Could Hear A Kitten Crying!

As part of an ongoing investigation into an abandoned dog, he arrived at the apartment only to hear a kitten crying?

The Yonkers Police Department police department was investigating the case of an abandoned and neglected dog. As part of the ongoing investigation Officer William Pataky arrived at the empty apartment where the dog was found, only to discover the dog was not the only one who had been neglected.

Going up the stairs they could hear a kitten crying, reaching the top of the stairs Officer Pataky saw a kitten running toward him down the hallway, desperate for attention.

Photo Courtesy of Yonkers Police Department

She came right up to the officers, rubbing her head on their legs.

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Officer Pataky was conducting the investigation in conjunction with the Westchester SPCA, he thinks she had been in the apartment without food and water for at least five days.

Photo Courtesy of Yonkers Police Department

She must have been freezing with all the broken windows, probably surviving on cockroaches, she was infested with fleas and very underweight.

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