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With Nowhere Else To Go On A Bitterly Cold Night The Only Place She Can Find To Give Birth Is A Cold Concrete Floor!

It was bitterly cold that night, a starving stray cat does her best to find a warm place to give birth.

It had been bitterly cold all week. She is desperate and does her best, she manages to find a laundry room with a freezing concrete floor, where she gave birth to five kittens.

When Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) found her all bar one had died soon after being born, from exposure. She was using her body heat, covering the tiny life form in a desperate attempt to keep it alive.

The sad fact was all the other kittens were born healthy, all she had needed was the right environment to give birth and all five would have survived.

But the good news was one was still alive, the homeowner had immediately called VOKRA when she found the tiny family and asked for help.

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Volunteers arrived at the scene ASAP and taken the family into emergency care as quickly as the wintery conditions had allowed.

When Calida arrived at VOKRA she was starving, it was clear she had not eaten in some time.

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