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It Was Her Dying Wish, To See Him One More Time. If Only To Say Goodbye

Her dying wish was to see her best friend, a tabby cat called Oliver. To see him one last time, to hug him and hold him, to say goodbye.

Oliver seemed to know that their time together was running out, the way the tabby cat snuggled into her, hiding his head. However, it was the smile on her face that told the tale of how much this meant to her, Oliver brought her much needed comfort in her final hours.

This shows just how important this inter-species relationship is, cats are there for us on our good days and our bad days, in our trials and our tribulations.

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He seems to know this is his final journey, he reaches out with his paw and they hold hands.

His owner has passed on, but this cat has not forgotten.

Given a choice I think most of us would choose to have our furry friends by our side as we prepare to cross the rainbow bridge.

If you’ve ever loved a cat that really changed your life, you know that the bond is unbreakable, even after death. We hope that, when the time comes, Oliver and his human will be reunited once again.

Imgur user Zellacat commented to keep in mind that this is how some kitties end up in shelters.

What was said was, “When you are at the adoption agencies, remember that older cats may have been left because their owner died & will be very loving companions.”

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