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On His Final Journey This Cat Reaches Out His Paw And They Hold Hands.

For most of us, pets are not just companions, they are members of our family. Loyal and true, they stay by our sides through thick and thin.

Our cats are more than just companions, they are more than friends, they are family. They are always there, never judging us, they always remain loyal. So it’s no wonder that when its time to say goodbye, for many of us, it’s the hardest thing to do.

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At some time or another, we are all going to have to prepare for the end, crossing that rainbow bridge. But when you have a pet that has become a part of your family, that end comes a lot sooner than we would like.

But like it or not, we have to prepare for the inevitable, we have to say goodbye. A Reddit user recently had to do just that, saying goodbye to her beloved cat Andrew. The post went viral, and the internet cried along with her.

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