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Abandoned By Their Mom, Hopes Were High She Would Accept Them As Her Own?

If there was ever a smelly story that needed a sweet-smelling ending, then it is this one.

About a week after they were born, six little baby skunks were left to fend for themselves by their Mom. Why she left them no one is sure, but none the less they found alone and completely abandoned by a local farmer.

Luckily for them, the farmer was a kind-hearted man, and his cat just so happened to have finished weaning her own kittens, so hopes were high she might accept them as her own.

She was just a bit reluctant at first, I’m not surprised, but her natural mothering instincts kicked in and she began to nurse them.

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After giving birth to four adorable kittens she is asked to accept one more, but this one is a bit of an oddball!

After two weeks had gone by and the six little “stinkers” were soon thriving and their new mom couldn’t be happier. She had become completely devoted to them and even carried them around to show them off to visitors!

This extremely adorable little family of ‘skunkies’ was released once they were old enough and able to fend for themselves.

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