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He Had Lived On The Streets His Entire Life, Fending For Himself. Her Hope Was Hunger Would Overpower Shyness

He had been living on the streets, fending for himself for his entire life, drifting from neighborhood to neighborhood. Then he came across a garden where he found the cat buffet.

Finding the cat buffet was when life began to change for Leo. Because that is when he met Burcu Emel, a cat lover from Ankara, Turkey who has dedicated her life to helping local strays, both cats and dogs.

Burcu lives in an apartment that has its own garden, in it she places containers of food and water, not surprising it has become a popular place for the local stray cats.

Photo Courtesy of Burcu @CigdeminPatileri

Leo came on the scene around the summer of 2016, extremely shy, he didn’t particularly like being near people. But the cat buffet laid out before him was very hard to resist.

Over time, hunger overpowered shyness and Leo could no longer resist temptation. Seeing other cats wandering in and helping themselves, then wandering off gave Leo the confidence he needed. From then on his personality began to emerge.

Photo Courtesy of Burcu @CigdeminPatileri

“When I came out from the door in the morning, he greeted me with a smile. He was an extremely soft-tempered male. He did not fight, he did not swat,” Burcu said.

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She poked her head out the bushes, mustered up all her kitten courage and walked toward him.

He broke out of the shelter, crossed roads and railway lines, just to be with her.

Burcu and her like-minded cat-loving friends have worked tirelessly to have the local cat colony inhabitants spayed and neutered, along with the necessary vaccinations. But Leo had set his mind on leading a different life to the other cats.

Photo Courtesy of Burcu @CigdeminPatileri

He had bigger plans.

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