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She Got So Sick Of Hearing Him Say It So She Did It And She’s Never Been Happier

She got so sick and tired of hearing him say it so she followed through on what he said and she has never been happier.

That’s right that famous ultimatum, “either they go or I go,” guess what? He went.

Kelly Cruze is a self-confessed “crazy cat lover,” and it’s not like her husband didn’t know that before he married her! However, he’s history and she has never been happier.

She is now living the single life with her 35 feline Snowshoes ( a very rare Siamese breed), along with a Doberman and 5 Chihuahuas. She spends £15,000 annually on food, pet insurance, and vet bills, but remains completely dedicated to her cats, “no matter what.”

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Kelly currently resides in Plymouth, England, and is an award-winning cat breeder. Her hard worked and dedication has helped promote the rare Snowshoe breed internationally.

Her children still her husband on a regular basis, but as Kelly puts everyone is now more happier as a family.

She went on to say:

“I wasn’t happy in the relationship and, at one point, he said ‘its me or the cats’. I don’t respond well to ultimatums, so I told him to go.

Having so many cats in the house has posed some serious health risks, and to minimize these she has had to modify her home to be more cat friendly.

The walls of her living space have now been coated in white plastic, to prevent smell and the spread of disease.

Kelly, who works as a web developer and is a full-time mum, said: “It does get a bit hectic at the time, but the children love being able to run freely with the dogs and I love my cats. Some people might think I am crazy – but I can’t imagine a world living without them.”

While her love of cats bloomed, it became too much for her then-husband, whose name Kelly refused to drop, and he left the family home. Kelly has the cats for just two litters, before finding them their ‘forever home’ at two years old. However, she does end up providing a forever home to many of them in the end.

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