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She Said, We Can Get Back Together, But The Cat Has To Go

Sometimes in life, we get difficult choices thrown at us and we have to make a decision. Such as, whether to say yes or no to a marriage proposal? Or, like having to choose between your girlfriend and your cat?

This was the heart-rending decision a young man had to make when his former girlfriend said they could get back together if he got rid of his cat Hobbes.

As it turns out the decision was not as heart-rending as it may have first appeared. You see, although he still has some feelings for his ex-girlfriend, this young man loves his cat.

As he puts it:

“A former girlfriend and I still have feelings for each other, but we split because of religious differences. The other day she called me and said that if we got back together, I’d have to get rid of my cat.”

“This is my cat, Hobbes. I’m 33 years old, and Hobbes is the closest thing I have to a kid,” he said.

The fluffy kitty is like family to him. And you don’t get rid of a family member just because your girlfriend tells you to!

“I love my kitty cat, and I’m never “getting rid” of him. I now have no desire to get back with my ex. End of story.”

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