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Devasted By The Loss Of Her Best Friend She Has No Choice. Forced To Say Goodbye In The Sweetest Way Possible!

There is nothing better than have a best friend, someone to stick by your side through thick and thin, someone who is always there for you no matter what!

It’s even better when that best friend is a family member, a brother or sister, that means you have a BFF like no other, someone you can’t let go.

That was the case with Scout the cat and Charlie the dog. The moment that Scout was adopted into Charlie’s family as a little kitten she was obsessed, head over heels with her big canine brother.

Photo Courtesy of onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

As with anything in life, the one great truth is nothing lasts forever. When in one great upheaval Scout was separated from her big brother.

There was no cat hates dog stereotypes with these two. As soon as scout arrived home as a kitten she was sleeping right next to her much larger sibling.

Photo Courtesy of onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

From that day on the pair seemed to fit each other like a comfortable pair of old jeans.

Though he was 10 at the time, his age came with patience, something any dog needs when you have a much younger sibling. Especially an energetic kitten who won’t take no for an answer.

Photo Courtesy of onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

He was as gentle as he could be with her. Eager to please he allowed her to do just about whatever she wanted.

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Heartbroken he goes room to room looking for his best friend.

He is forced to say goodbye to an unforgettable friend!

They ate together, slept side by side every night, and Charlie let scout do one of her favorite things, sniff his ears. You could place a bet that wherever Charlie was Scout was too.

Photo Courtesy of onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

The owner of this inseparable pair couldn’t believe how close that had actually become.

“My dog doesn’t like to sleep near the cat, but she adores him and will lay next to him until he gives up moving,” their owner said at the time. 

Photo Courtesy of onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

However, when you look at her smug face you realize she knows she has worn him down. Unfortunately, Charlie went through a hard time battling cancer!

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